Today’s Reflection ~ Becoming Human

A human being becomes human not through the casual convergence of certain biological conditions, but through an act of will and love on the part of other people. ~ Italo Calvino


Today’s Reflection ~ Happiness

Happiness, for you we walk on a knife edge. To the eyes you are a flickering light, to the feet, thin ice that cracks; and so may no one touch you who loves you. Eugenio Montale

Today’s Reflection ~ Authenticity

“Insist on yourself; never imitate… Every great man [or woman] is unique.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s Reflection ~ Confidence

One day a long time from now you’ll cease to care anymore whom you please or what anybody has to say about you. That’s when you’ll finally produce the work you’re capable of. ~ J. D. Salinger