You Never Grieve Alone – Millions Grieve With You

When I entered the grieving universe I quickly discovered the millions and millions of people with grieving’s scars imprinted on their hearts.

“My prayer was answered, but not the way I wanted. Babe died five hours later. When she died, my tears began to flow and continued to flow unannounced, unpredictable, and at the most inopportune times. I am left to negotiate my way alone through the parallel universe. I thought I was the only one who grieved this deeply. I quickly learned I am one of a growing legion of people who suffer as I do.”

Ordering information for the paperback or ebook version of Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again may be found here.

Excerpt From: Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again by Ray Calabrese. This material is protected by copyright

Vinnie Returns Monday

Ten minutes after the family leaves on their trip, Vinnie asks, “Are we almost there, yet?” LOL Join Vinnie and his Mom and Dad on Monday.

Writer’s Wisdom ~ Margaret Atwood

Don’t sit down in the middle of the woods. If you’re lost in the plot or blocked, retrace your steps to where you went wrong. Then take the other road. And/or change the person. Change the tense. Change the opening page. ~ Margaret Atwood

There is a Candle in Your Heart ~ Rumi

There Is A Candle In Your Heart 

There is a candle in your heart,
      ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
      ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?
You feel the separation
      from the Beloved.
Invite Him to fill you up,
      embrace the fire.
Remind those who tell you otherwise that 
      comes to you of its own accord, 
      and the yearning for it 


Today’s Reflection ~ Happiness

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Matthew Barrie

Simplicity by Lao Tzu


“Simplicity without a name
   Is free from all external aim.
   With no desire, at rest and still,
   All things go right as of their will.

Lao Tzu

Grieving: You Don’t Know Until You Know

I wrote Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again in real time to help me understand what I was feeling and to help others who grieve along with me. Grieving hurts, but it won’t have the last word. Here is an excerpt:

“Before my world turned upside down, Babe and I shared dreams over morning coffee. We were spontaneous; we’d take off on a moment’s notice from our home in San Antonio, Texas, and take a day trip to the hill country or to Austin, or head to Vegas or the Rockies. We turned life into a continuous adventure. We filled each moment with love—a deep, abiding love. Each moment together was a love song we thought would never end. Then, without warning, our world spun out of control. Our happy, joyful, adventurous world turned chaotic.

A riptide caught hold of us and swept us far from shore. Any reluctance I had to enter this world vanished because the riptide took hold of Babe and carried her far away from me. . . . I quickly learned you don’t know until you know. I did not know I would soon become a grieving man. Only when it happened did I know.”

Ordering information for the paperback or ebook version of Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again may be found here.

Excerpt From Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again by Ray Calabrese

This material is protected by copright.