You Are Good

It’s not who others think you are. It’s not what others think you should be. It’s not what others think of you. it’s what you think about your self. See the best in yourself. See a human being worthy of giving love and being loved. The following YouTube video will make you think about these questions.


The Secret To Succeeding

Feeling tired of the struggle? Not seeing results? Starting to think your goal is beyond reach? There’s a secret to overcoming all of the negative thinking. It’s simple, it works, and it is tested. Are you intrigued? Watch the following YouTube video to learn the secret and make it work in every part of your life.

Are You Ready For Your Moment?

Are you ready for YOUR MOMENT? No one knows when it will happen. Or, if it will ever happen. Are your READY if and when it happens? It’s takes a heap of faith, a big dream, and a heart filled with hope knowing that if you keep on working, keep on studying, keep on improving you’ll be READY. Don’t let your moment pass by. Be ready to grab hold of it with a grip so tight nothing will shake you loose. Enjoy this YouTube video where a young singer was ready for his moment when called to the stage by Josh Groban.

Lesson For Life

Wondering when your turn will come? Wondering if someone will ever recognize your talent? John Legend, the famous pianist and singer gives us a two-minute lesson on hard work, commitment, and persistence. Don’t quit on your dreams. Don’t give up when it seems all you’re doing is running in place. Keep working, keep learning, keep dreaming. It is only impossible when we quit. Enjoy John Legend’s short, but powerful lesson.


The Amazing Potential of a Young Girl

I am the father of 5 amazing women. Like their mother, they grew in wisdom, strength, and courage. Barb and I encouraged them to be strong, self-sufficient, loving women who will make a difference in our world. And, they have and I am proud of them. I know Barb smiles on them from her place in heaven. This YouTube video speaks to the amazing potential in all girls. A must see.



It’s Time To Leave The Fishbowl

Life can grab hold of us in a way that we easily get lost. We lose our passion. We lose sight of our dreams. We no longer believe we have a unique gift to offer to this wonderful world. We’re trapped like a fish in a fishbowl and swim in circles, staring out of the glass, going nowhere, unless we dare to leave our fishbowl. It takes courage. With courage and a dream, we can dare to leap out of our fishbowl. Perhaps the following Vimeo video will inspire you to jump out of the fishbowl.


Discard The Doubters

This past week I flew from East Lansing, Michigan to O’Hara to catch another flight to San Antonio. While I waited for my plane in East Lansing, a graduate student at Michigan State University and I entered into a conversation. I asked about his studies. He told me he was changing fields because the field he wanted to enter was already full of people. I asked him if everyone was competent, a champion in the field. He said no, but his advisor suggested a shift in majors. I couldn’t convince him to follow his passion. He listened to “The Doubters.” Don’t listen to the doubters. Double down on your dream. Go all in. Get inspired with this short YouTube video.

Double Down on Your Dream

5 Stories to Inspire You

Having a tough day? RSVP’d to a pity party? Down in the dumps? The following YouTube video shares 5 brief stories to lift you up; to put a smile on your face: and, to put a kick back into your step.



A Healthy Dose of Never Quit

Yes You Can

Do you need a mental toughness pick me up today? Jim Abbot is about to serve you up a healthy dose of a never quit, mental toughness attitude. Jim Abbot was born with no right hand. His dream was to become a pitcher in the major leagues. Watch the YouTube video and get ready for a large dose of YES I CAN!