Longevity Tip: 3 of 5 Tips To Go Beyond 90

Tip 3: At Least 30 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

With regards to this Harvard study, they don’t give you any days off. You have to be active every day. No excuses. What you do for exercise doesn’t matter. My only rule is that you enjoy doing it because if you don’t, it will never stick. That daily dose of physical activity can be anything provided you break a sweat and get your heart rate up.A quick disclaimer…if you haven’t been exercising regularly, please speak with your physician first before adopting this longevity hack or, for that matter, any other hack mentioned in this article.



Sleep Hack: Create a Sleeping Environment

In the waking hours, perfect your sleep hygiene. No more 4 a.m. stare sessions. Develop a sleep schedule with consistent bedtimes and wake times; unplug from electronics well before you hit the hay; and make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and used only for sleep and intimacy. Poorly timed exercise and napping, along with the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and certain foods can also wreak havoc on your sleep. 


Health Hack: Reduce Sitting Time – Improve Health

Did You Know People Who Sit for 8+ Hours are at Higher Risk for Health Problems?


Everyone knows that being a couch potato is unhealthy, but being a chair tomato (okay, we made that up) can be just as bad, according to a veritable avalanche of studies in the past three years. Sitting too much increases the risk of heart diseasestrokediabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases and—here’s the real news—this is true even in people who exercise regularly. Here are just three recent studies.


Longevity Tip ~ Hit the Gym

“If I had to rank behaviors in terms of priority, I’d say that exercise is the most important thing associated with living longer and healthier,” says Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, an NIH geriatrician who oversees research on aging and health. “Exercise is especially important for lengthening active life expectancy, which is life without disease and without physical and mental/thinking disability.”


Longevity Tip ~ It’s Never Too Late To Start

Keeping fit actually does wonders for your brain. Exercise helps lower stress, regulates your blood sugar and improves blood flow. . . . British nonagenarian, Charles Eugster, says he only took up exercise in his 80s but now runs competitively. He works out at least three times a week, doing weights, running and rowing, which has resulted in what he likes to call his “beach body.”