Today’s Quote by Michalangelo

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.



Quote for Today – December 17, 2017

If you have any notion of where you are going, you will never get anywhere. – Joan Miro

What Takes Your Attention?

What we seek, we usually find. Psychologists tell us where we place our attention becomes our reality. If you and I could focus our attention on our dreams and block out as many distractions as possible, we have a chance of catching our dream. The power of attention is within us. We have to decide what is important in our lives and measure it against the distractions. Are we giving our distractions power over our dreams? Perhaps it is time to take control of our attention. Enjoy the following entertaining YouTube video on attention.

Advice To Reach Impossible Goals

How do you and I accomplish a goal? What separates the people who seem to reach impossible goals from those who don’t? Elmore Leonard, the famous mystery fiction writer, gives us a clue. His simple message can be applied to any aspect of life as well as writing. His fantastic advice is offered in under 2 minutes on this YouTube video.

Commit To Pursuing The Dream

It’s time to take the dream off the shelf and set in front of us. It time to set aside everything that’s kept us from going after the dream we’ve talked about, dreamt about, and desired. It time to make the commitment to hold nothing back and to rest only when we have achieved our dream. Get Inspired with this YouTube video.

The Quest Written On Your Heart

It’s never easy to set out on a quest where there is no guarantee of success. I’ve met people who said, “I could have . . . I would have …. but . . .” There is always an excuse. A manufactured reason they didn’t dare go on their quest. Your quest, the quest written on your heart is calling you. It’s begging you to start. Don’t be afraid. Don’t make excuses. Enter the quest and don’t look back. The following YouTube video will motivate you to take action and begin the journey for the quest written on your heart.


You Have A Dream – Chase It

You may not be famous, but you have a dream, chase it. Your friends and family may laugh at you. You have a dream, chase it. You wake up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, doubts rush at you like an F5 tornado. You have a dream, chase it. Maybe you’ll catch it; maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know unless you chase it.

Dream On