Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Have you ever been knocked down? Knocked flat on your back? There is only one option, get back up and get going. It’s hard, really hard. And, at times, seemingly impossible. When we get up off the mat, rise, and begin again, it is a personal triumph. The following  short YouTube video tells one man’s story of getting up and going on. Get Inspired by his story.


Light The Fire

I’m hoping you have a passion to use the awesome gift that is within you. Don’t know what it is? Make a decision, go for it. What do you have to lose? The following YouTube video contains the narration of a poem that was read on a Netflix Tony Robbins special. I found it inspiring. Let’s light the fire, fan the flames, and reach down deep to pull it off.

You Have The Right Stuff

We all want to be successful. It’s what healthy people want to do regardless of their endeavor. Not everyone, however, wants to pay the price to be successful. It takes hard work. It takes facing down discouragement. It takes the courage to struggle against the pain and press on. You have the right stuff inside you to be successful. YES, you do. Call on it. Fight on. Fight on. Enjoy this brief Vimeo video to inspire you.  

SUCCESS comes with ATTITUDE – "Motivational Video" from Attitude on Vimeo.

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? What are you doing with your life? Are you stuck running on a treadmill? It may be time to reinvent yourself. It may be time to reset your expectations for yourself. It may be time to toss your rope around a more powerful, compelling dream. The following short YouTube video encourages us to invent and reinvent ourselves. It may inspire you to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Enjoy. 

Fall Down – Shake It Off – Get Going

Each day we have a choice: We can complain about our situation; or, we can resolve to make the most of it. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like a no brainer. Resolve to make the best of whatever is. The alternative is to spiral into despair, depression, and a permanent funk. I like to hang out with people who fight back, won’t quit, and shake it off and get going each they fall. They inspire me. This video of Junn Abriza inspired me to keep on going and never quit. Well worth three minutes. 

“Impossible is Nothing” from Junn Abriza on Vimeo.

Making Dreams Come True

Incorporating these three P’s into our lives will transform dreams into reality: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance. If we apply these three P’s to our relationships imagine the cumulative effect. If we apply these three P’s to the pursuit of our dreams, we just might catch them. Get inspired by this brief YouTube video.

Experience Is My Teacher

Our experiences can make us or break us. At the moment of our experience, we cannot predict how it will influence our life. If you and I choose to take our experiences, especially the difficult ones, and creatively draw something meaningful from them, we may surprise ourselves with the experience’s powerful and positive influence on our lives. In this YouTube video Gene Wilder shares his stories of the two experiences that let loose his creativity.

Dare To Push The Boundaries – 2 Minutes of Inspiration

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be frightened. Push the boundaries. Take your “crazy dreams” and chase them unrelentingly. We are not designed to be spectators. We are designed to play. Let’s push the boundaries and see what happens.

Are You Ready For Your Moment?

Are you ready for YOUR MOMENT? No one knows when it will happen. Or, if it will ever happen. Are your READY if and when it happens? It’s takes a heap of faith, a big dream, and a heart filled with hope knowing that if you keep on working, keep on studying, keep on improving you’ll be READY. Don’t let your moment pass by. Be ready to grab hold of it with a grip so tight nothing will shake you loose. Enjoy this YouTube video where a young singer was ready for his moment when called to the stage by Josh Groban.

There’s A Reason You’re Here

There’s a reason you’re here. Use it to build others. Use it to inspire others. Use it to show others it can be done. You’re life is important to all of us. Use it to motivate us. Use it to bring joy to us. Use it to make us laugh. Use it shine the light on our darkness. Yes, there is a reason you’re here.