Too Tough, Too Stubborn To Quit

Setbacks happen. Failure happens. Each time they happen let’s say thank you for what we learned and for the courage we had not to give up. That’s right, say thank you for the lesson learned. We won’t repeat the same mistake, we’re stronger, tougher, smarter, and we won’t quit. We’re too tough, too ornery, too stubborn to quit. Get inspired to fight on with this brief YouTube video.


You Have The Right Stuff

We all want to be successful. It’s what healthy people want to do regardless of their endeavor. Not everyone, however, wants to pay the price to be successful. It takes hard work. It takes facing down discouragement. It takes the courage to struggle against the pain and press on. You have the right stuff inside you to be successful. YES, you do. Call on it. Fight on. Fight on. Enjoy this brief Vimeo video to inspire you.  

SUCCESS comes with ATTITUDE – "Motivational Video" from Attitude on Vimeo.

You’ve Got So Much To Offer

Never be satisfied. You’ve got so much more to offer. Dig deeper. Keep digging, digging, and digging. Keep growing, growing, and growing. Even if no one ever hears of you. Keep digging. It’s all about what’s inside you. If you and I keep digging and growing we’ll do something very special. We’ll show others that ordinary people who won’t lie down are capable of extraordinary things.


Fuel Your Passion

I get inspired by people who won’t quit, who fight the greatest of odds and succeed. They fuel my courage to fight on, to never look back, to only look ahead. These are the people who don’t say life is unfair, they take life as it is and make the most of it. Get inspired by the Blind piano genius Derek Paravicini. You’ll be amazed and have your passions fueled.


No Days Off – Give It All You’ve Got

We all want to succeed. We all want to achieve our potential. It takes effort. It takes commitment. It takes a deep personal belief that deep inside a voice says, “yes, you can do this.” Of course we can. If we commit to the hard work. If we commit to the effort. If we commit to rising above the stumbles. Commit to giving it everything you’ve got. Don’t hold back. As they say in the video, “No Days Off.”


The Quest Written On Your Heart

It’s never easy to set out on a quest where there is no guarantee of success. I’ve met people who said, “I could have . . . I would have …. but . . .” There is always an excuse. A manufactured reason they didn’t dare go on their quest. Your quest, the quest written on your heart is calling you. It’s begging you to start. Don’t be afraid. Don’t make excuses. Enter the quest and don’t look back. The following YouTube video will motivate you to take action and begin the journey for the quest written on your heart.


It’s Time To Leave The Fishbowl

Life can grab hold of us in a way that we easily get lost. We lose our passion. We lose sight of our dreams. We no longer believe we have a unique gift to offer to this wonderful world. We’re trapped like a fish in a fishbowl and swim in circles, staring out of the glass, going nowhere, unless we dare to leave our fishbowl. It takes courage. With courage and a dream, we can dare to leap out of our fishbowl. Perhaps the following Vimeo video will inspire you to jump out of the fishbowl.


Be Ready For The Moment

I am psyched. Today is a new day. I have another chance and so do you. I don’t know if I’ll be successful in chasing my goals. I do know if I work hard, I have a chance. I will make myself ready for the moment, if and when it happens. Dare to challenge yourself to work hard, sacrifice for a worthy goal. Discipline yourself to put in the effort. You’ll never be disappointed. You won’t have regrets. And, if the moment happens, you’ll be ready. Enjoy the brief YouTube video starring Mark Wahlberg and the discipline he uses to stay in shape.

You Have A Dream – Chase It

You may not be famous, but you have a dream, chase it. Your friends and family may laugh at you. You have a dream, chase it. You wake up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, doubts rush at you like an F5 tornado. You have a dream, chase it. Maybe you’ll catch it; maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know unless you chase it.

Dream On

Fan The Flames of Fire In Your Heart

What is the size of the fire in your heart? There is always a burning ember. It’s waiting for you to fan its flames. It’s waiting for you to call on it. It will respond. It will not let you down. It’s the roaring flame in your heart that will pull you through. Failure becomes a teacher. Setbacks become a setup for something better. Getting knocked down becomes an opportunity to rise again, shake it off and press onward.

Fan The Flames of Fire In Your Heart

The runner in this YouTube video fanned the flames of fire in his heart and he wouldn’t quit. Take a lesson from his example.