Ignite Your Writing Greatness

If you’re a blogger, you’re a writer. I’m always searching for tips on how to improve my writing. Here’s a short YouTube video with five tips for writers drawn from the habits of great writers. Who knows, perhaps one of these tips will ignite your writing greatness – here’s hoping it does.


The Secret To More Vitality & Creativity

Often the best advice is the the most simple advice. What would you pay to learn an important secret to success? I’d try to be first in line. Once we heard the advice, would we say, “Everyone knows that?” It’s like hearing someone say, ‘Everyone knows texting and driving is dangerous.’ Yet, everyday I see people texting and driving in a city where texting and driving are illegal. Watch the short YouTube video and glean the simple advice that will give you renewed vigor, vitality, and creativity. It’s there for the taking.  Enjoy.

Want to be Successful?

We all want to be successful. We all have or had a dream we want to reach. We don’t always get to where we want to go. Is there a secret to being successful? Have you ever thought, ‘Why not me?’ I have. In the following short YouTube video, you learn the 8 secrets of successful people. It’s worth watching. I hope it provides you with the inspiration and knowledge to achieve your dream.

Advice To Reach Impossible Goals

How do you and I accomplish a goal? What separates the people who seem to reach impossible goals from those who don’t? Elmore Leonard, the famous mystery fiction writer, gives us a clue. His simple message can be applied to any aspect of life as well as writing. His fantastic advice is offered in under 2 minutes on this YouTube video.

Do You Have The Fire?

Do you have the fire? Is it burning bright enough to drive you through today? Is it burning bright enough to overcome discouragement, disappointment, and failure? The fire is within you. Perhaps it is only a glowing ember. Fan the ember, turn the ember into a raging fire. to fuel your passion. The following short YouTube video is one man’s story of rising out of poverty to achieve his goals. He talks about failure. He talks about discouragement. And, he talks about perseverance and the courage to continue to fan the flames.

Too Tough, Too Stubborn To Quit

Setbacks happen. Failure happens. Each time they happen let’s say thank you for what we learned and for the courage we had not to give up. That’s right, say thank you for the lesson learned. We won’t repeat the same mistake, we’re stronger, tougher, smarter, and we won’t quit. We’re too tough, too ornery, too stubborn to quit. Get inspired to fight on with this brief YouTube video.

You Have The Right Stuff

We all want to be successful. It’s what healthy people want to do regardless of their endeavor. Not everyone, however, wants to pay the price to be successful. It takes hard work. It takes facing down discouragement. It takes the courage to struggle against the pain and press on. You have the right stuff inside you to be successful. YES, you do. Call on it. Fight on. Fight on. Enjoy this brief Vimeo video to inspire you.  

SUCCESS comes with ATTITUDE – "Motivational Video" from Attitude on Vimeo.

You’ve Got So Much To Offer

Never be satisfied. You’ve got so much more to offer. Dig deeper. Keep digging, digging, and digging. Keep growing, growing, and growing. Even if no one ever hears of you. Keep digging. It’s all about what’s inside you. If you and I keep digging and growing we’ll do something very special. We’ll show others that ordinary people who won’t lie down are capable of extraordinary things.


Fuel Your Passion

I get inspired by people who won’t quit, who fight the greatest of odds and succeed. They fuel my courage to fight on, to never look back, to only look ahead. These are the people who don’t say life is unfair, they take life as it is and make the most of it. Get inspired by the Blind piano genius Derek Paravicini. You’ll be amazed and have your passions fueled.