1. You will really get an understanding to what has happened to loss of the sense of community, Emma. In the US, I see areas of large rich homes that appear almost as if they are ghost towns. There is no sign of life. People are closeted behind doors or working trying to maintain their lifestyle. Connection with neighbors is missing. Keep up your difference making work. Ray

      1. Thank you, Emma. You are way out in front with the work you are doing. You understood, at a deep felt level, the importance of connection. I believe it is part of our DNA to be connected. Yet, systems and even architecture can have dramatically negative effects on the creation of community connections. Ray

      2. Humans are naturally sociable creatures and if they are not it is bad for us. I am confident that this need will drive news ways of connecting. Look at those Florida Parkland High School Kids campaigning for better gun control – they are using social media, traditional media and going out there and marching. Good on them. We just reinvent ways of working together.

      3. I am so proud of the kids from Florida Parkland, they are stepping up as a cohesive group and letting politicians know, enough is enough. It is thier spirit that gives me great hope for the future. Ray

      4. They are an inspiration, I just hope they can hold it together as a group. I also hope it helps them in dealing with their grief and trauma.

      5. Grieving is tough, I know from my experience. I’ve found the only way through is through the love I received from connecting with people. They will be fine as long as they hold onto the meaning that is pulling them forward and helping them to transform the tragedy into a blessing. Ray

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