Something to Think About

Each of us are on a journey. Our journeys are unique. No one knows where our journey will lead. No one knows the challenges we’ll face. No one knows the eventual destination. Our journeys are a mystery. We may make a list of goals. We may write a clear description of our dreams. We may make out a clear map of our journey. But life has a way of grabbing hold of us and taking us in a different direction. Don’t fight the journey. Embrace the journey and it’s challenges, it belongs to you and no one else. Happy traveling. 


    1. Hi Terveen, In my experience when I fight the pull of life away from what I want to do to where life is pulling me, I am in an unhappy state. Life seems to have a way of always winning in my case. In hind site I marvel at God’s wisdom over mine. LOL Have a great day and shine on. Ray

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