Something to Think About

In an old Peanut’s comic strip there is a character, Pig Pen, who always walks with a cloud of dust over his head. We can feel like we’re walking with a cloud of dust over our heads when things are going bad. Kind people will listen us, but they’ll soon tire if we continue to moan, poor me. It’s not always easy, but it’s up to us to change our channel and walk away from the dreary darkness. it doesn’t stop the hurt, but it gives us a chance to be warmed by the sun. Once we’re in sunlight we see things with greater clarity. Perhaps we’ll discover the lessons waiting for us from what we experienced. Perhaps we’ll see for the first time a new path that was always there.

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    1. Hi Terveen, Life is full of surprises and I think wonderful surprises if we are open to being surprised. When we let the lift the shades, open the windows, and bathe in the sunshine, wonderful surprises enter in. Paths we never thought about appear. Creative thoughts start flowing like a flooding river. Yes, lift the shades, open the windows and bathe in the sunshine. Have a great weekend. Ray

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