Positive Thought of the Day ~ Dare to Leap and Not Look Back

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.Margaret Shepherd

If you’re not willing to take a leap of faith when the opportunity strikes, you’ll never know. You’ll walk back into what you’ve known and where you feel safe and you’ll have missed the destiny that was earmarked for you. Dare to leap and not look back.

Poem of the Day ~ Iris of Life

Iris of Life


Like tiny drops of crystal rain,
       In every life the moments fall,
To wear away with silent beat,
       The shell of selfishness o’er all.

And every act, not one too small,
       That leaps from out the heart’s pure glow,
Like ray of gold sends forth a light,
       While moments into seasons flow.

Athwart the dome, Eternity,
       To Iris grown resplendent, fly
Bright gleams from every noble deed,
       Till colors with each other vie.

’Tis glimpses of this grand rainbow,
       Where moments with good deeds unite,
That gladden many weary hearts,
       Inspiring them to seek more Light.


Health Tip of the Day ~ The Dark Side of Anger

What Happens to Your Body When Anger Becomes Excessive

Here are ways that anger can hurt our health:

  1. Increases Stress: When we’re angry, our bodies go into a “fight or flight” response, which increases our heart rate, blood pressure, and the production of stress hormones like cortisol. Chronic anger can lead to prolonged stress, which can increase the risk of many health problems, such as heart disease, depression, and anxiety.
  2. Weakens Immune System: Chronic anger and stress can also weaken our immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses and infections.
  3. Affects Relationships: Uncontrolled anger can damage relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, leading to social isolation, loneliness, and feelings of frustration or helplessness.
  4. Impairs Decision Making: When we’re angry, our ability to think logically and make rational decisions is impaired, which can lead to poor choices, such as impulsive behavior, substance abuse, or risky behaviors.
  5. Can Lead to Physical Violence: Uncontrolled anger can escalate to physical violence, causing injuries, and long-term health consequences.

Manage anger in healthy ways by practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation, exercising regularly, seeking support from a therapist or support group, and learning healthy communication and problem-solving skills.


Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Experience Awe and Feel Better

Slow Down and Experience the Awe Around You

The psychologist Dacher Keltner in his recent book shows the beneficial effects of awe on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The research reveals that experiencing awe can reduce stress, quiet our inner critic, and inspire us to act more altruistically toward the people around us. The experience of awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that exceeds our current understanding of the world. It is the feeling of being overwhelmed by something larger than the self. For example, watching stars in the night sky reminds us of the universe beyond our experience. The experience is indescribable and beyond words. Awe comes in many forms, such as great music, visual design, and people’s courage, kindness, or strength in overcoming adversity. Our experiences of awe are accompanied by tears, chills, and goosebumps.


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