Longevity Tip ~ It’s Never Too Late To Start

Keeping fit actually does wonders for your brain. Exercise helps lower stress, regulates your blood sugar and improves blood flow. . . . British nonagenarian, Charles Eugster, says he only took up exercise in his 80s but now runs competitively. He works out at least three times a week, doing weights, running and rowing, which has resulted in what he likes to call his “beach body.” 


Healthy Living: 12th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin


The antioxidants in pomegranate show some promise in warding off several types of cancer — possibly packing a more protective punch than red wine or green tea, according to some research. Scientists say that pomegranate may also inhibit the formation of cancer in skin cells.


Writer’s Wisdom ~ George Orwell’s 3rd of 4 Questions to Guide Writing

What image or idiom will make it clearer? ~ George Orwell

My Kingdom ~ Louisa May Alcott

My Kingdom

Louisa May Alcott

Sitting to-day in the sunshine, 
That touched me with fingers of love, 
I thought of the manifold blessings
God scatters on earth, from above; 
And they seemed, as I numbered them over, 
Far more than we merit, or need, 
And all that we lack is the angels
To make earth a heaven indeed.
The winter brings long, pleasant evenings, 
The spring brings a promise of flowers
That summer breathes to fruition, 
And autumn brings glad, golden hours.
The woodlands re-echo with music, 
The moonbeams ensilver the sea; 
There is sunlight and beauty about us, 
And the world is as fair as can be.
But mortals are always complaining, 
Each one thinks his own a sad lot; 
And forgetting the good things about him, 
Goes mourning for those he has not.
Instead of the star-spangled heavens, 
We look on the dust at our feet; 
We drain out the cup that is bitter, 
Forgetting the one that is sweet.
We mourn o’er the thorn in the flower, 
Forgetting its odour and bloom; 
We pass by a garden of blossoms, 
To weep o’er the dust of the tomb.
There are blessings unnumbered about us, –
Like the leaves of the forest they grow; 
And the fault is our own – not the Giver’s –
That we have not an Eden below.

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