Today’s Poem ~ I Know that He Exists

I Know that He Exists

Emily Dickinson

I know that He exists.
Somewhere — in Silence —
He has hid his rare life
From our gross eyes.

‘Tis an instant’s play.
‘Tis a fond Ambush —
Just to make Bliss
Earn her own surprise!

But — should the play
Prove piercing earnest —
Should the glee — glaze —
In Death’s — stiff — stare —

Would not the fun
Look too expensive!
Would not the jest —
Have crawled too far!



Think About It ~ You May Surprise Everyone

I always enjoyed competitive sports. One thing competitive sports taught me is to never quit, never give up. There are a myriad of examples of athletes coming from behind to win. There are a myriad of examples of athletes overcoming incredible odds to win. Those that do, reach deep into their reservoir of strength to not give up. They understand that the contest is not over until the final whistle is blown. They refuse to quit. They offer us a great lesson for all aspects of our lives. Don’t quit, don’t ever give up, keep digging in and giving it all you’ve got. You may surprise everyone.

Today’s Positive Thought ~ The Miracle of You

“You’re something between a dream and a miracle (Elizabeth Barrett Browning).” We often don’t think of ourselves as a miracle, we look for miracles outside of us. Yet, we are an incomprehensible miracle. When I finished an extensive workout at the gym yesterday I happened to glance at my right forearm. My blood veins were swollen from my exercise. I followed the veins down my forearm. I saw how they branched off into my fingers and for an instant I was overwhelmed with the miracle of my body. I comprehended how all the pieces work together. I was filled with gratitude. Yes, we are something between a dream and a miracle.

Today’s Health Tip ~ What Foods Will Thicken Your Blood?

Vitamin K, calcium and zinc are all necessary for the reactions in your body that cause blood to thicken and clot, so eating foods rich in these nutrients may be beneficial for thickening your blood. While nutrient deficiencies can make thin blood more likely, a number of other health conditions could also cause this condition. In these cases, food alone won’t thicken your blood, so speak with your doctor if you’re worried your blood might be thin to get to the bottom of the problem.

  1. Foods rich in Vitamin K – Cooked leafy green vegetables are among the best sources of vitamin K. A 1/2-cup serving of cooked kale provides 664 percent of the daily value for vitamin K. The same amount of cooked spinach or mustard greens will also give you more than 500 percent of the DV, and beet greens, collards, turnip greens, Swiss chard and dandelion greens have more than 100 percent of the DV per serving.
  2. Foods high in calcium – Adults need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. Dairy products are among the best sources. A cup of lowfat milk provides 31 percent of the DV, and the same amount of nonfat plain yogurt has 49 percent of the DV. Each ounce of nonfat mozzarella contains 29 percent of the DV. Other foods with smaller amounts of calcium include canned fish, almonds, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, tofu and okra.
  3. Foods rich in zinc – Women need at least 8 milligrams of zinc per day, and men require at least 11 grams. Seafood is one of the best sources, with a 3-ounce serving of oysters providing 445 percent of the DV and the same amount of crab or lobster offering more than 40 percent of the DV. Beef and lamb contain more than 30 percent of the DV per serving, and pork has about 28 percent of the DV per serving. Other foods that provide small amounts of zinc include nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, spinach and chicken.


Today’s Inspiration ~ What Gives Meaning to You?

“To do good things in the world, first you must know who you are and what gives meaning to your life.”

~ Robert Browning

What if I believed I truly had an amazing future waiting for me?

What if I believed I truly had an amazing future waiting for me, how would I act? I, for one, believe I have an amazing future waiting for me. I have always been this way. It hasn’t mattered if I were knocked down, disappointed, or betrayed. I’ve always held fast to the hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today. And, I’ve believed I could make this day a good one. I may be foolish and overly optimistic, but I’m looking ahead to tomorrow, I know good things are coming my way. I hope they’re coming your way as well. If you keep your eyes and heart open, you’ll find them.

Today’s Joke

Joe: “My wife and I went out for wine and cheese and she described the wine as full bodied and imposing with a nutty base, a sharp bite, and a bitter aftertaste.”

Pete: “What did you say?”

Joe: “I said, ‘Are you describing the wine or your mother?” She didn’t take it well.

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