A Better Life ~ Some Days

I had great plans for today. Before going to bed I made a checklist of things I was going to accomplish. I set my alarm fifteen minutes early. My coffee maker was ready. I woke, exercised, and showered, turned the coffee on, and sat down to breakfast. It was all falling in place until it didn’t. A knock on the door by a neighbor whose car wouldn’t start. She needed a ride to a dental appointment, I took her to her dentist and returned home. An hour later I’m waiting for her in the parking lot. She came out forty-five minutes later. Her dentist had an emergency extraction. Some days are like today. There’s nothing you can about it. It’s as if the day has a mind of its own. It’s going to show us who’s boss, and it’s not us. Well, my check list is still intact for tomorrow. I made a neighbor happy. A plumber is a bit richer. My day turned out okay. My neighbor brought me a plate of fish tacos for dinner. Grateful for good neighbors.

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