🤗 Feel Good Hack ~ The Power of Yet

I read an article in Psychology Today where the author describes how he uses the word “yet” to help people whose life outlook is clouded with deep despair and lack of hope. I’ve always been an optimist and his words resonated with me. I hope they will resonate with you. Never quit. Never give up. A new day awaits. We have another chance. Hang on.

Adding the word “yet” to pessimistic or doomful predictions often gets a patient’s attention and introduces the possibility that their strong beliefs in a negative future outcome may not be entirely accurate. At least there is someone else—someone with some credibility—who is not ready to automatically accept their hopelessness.  

“I know that I will never find someone to marry!” becomes “I haven’t found someone to marry yet.” “We will never be able to work things out!” becomes “we have not been able to work things out yet.” No, there is nothing magical about adding this word; however, it does introduce a measure of hope into the proceedings without which a change effort may not fare well. Simply stated, people work toward change differently when they believe that change can actually occur. 

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