Positive Thought of the Day ~ Make Time to be Quiet

“I think “quiet” sometime is a greater power than noise. It can harbor and reveal feelings that can’t be expressed.”

NOTE: When we find a quiet space we allow our minds to empty the clutter they’ve collected through the day. Quiet spaces are all around us. Tune out the interruptions and noise. Ten minutes of quiet offers new energy, insights, and a refreshed spirit. 

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Tune in to Good Music

Is It Time to Tune In?

 As much as you’re able, listen to music. The right music can help you concentrate, find a rhythm for work, and even (when you need it) escape. Source 

NOTE: The right kind of music can lift your spirits, awaken great memories, and inspire you. Choose playlists that energize, motivate, and elevate your spirit. Stay away from music that makes you angry, depresses you, and is degrading.

Health Tip of The Day ~ Did You Know Cherries are Health Powerhouse?

7 Reasons Cherries are a Great Choice

There’s a reason that cherries are always on top. This small yet powerful fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

      1. Cherries fight inflammation and diseases.
      2. Cherries promote restful sleep.
      3. Cherries sooth sore muscles.
      4. Cherries prevent and ease arthritis pain.
      5. Cherries protect your heart.
      6. Cherries improve blood sugar levels.
      7. Cherries cancer risk.

Poem of the Day ~ Paradox


Angelina Weld Grimke

When face to face we stand
        And eye to eye,
How far apart we are——
As far, they say, as God can ever be
From what, they say, is Hell.

                    . . . . .

But, when we stand
Fronting the other,
Mile after mile slipping in between,
O, close are we,
As close as is the shadow to the body,
As breath, to life, . . . . . . . .
As kisses are to love.

                    . . . . .


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