🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Staying Safe at the Gym

If you’re anything like me, you workout everyday at the gym. Is it safe in the time of the coronavirus? Here’s some information I found that will help you stay safe:

There’s nothing like a good workout to blow off steam — but are trips to the gym safe amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak?

Though there’s no need to throw down the dumbbell for good, Australian physician and journalist Dr. Norman Swan said fitness fanatics should ensure they’re being “super careful” in wiping down any equipment or areas they’re going to touch with an alcohol-based sanitizer and practice good respiratory hygiene.

Claiming that gyms were among “high prevalence areas” from Chinese data on the viral disease, Swan told ABC that people should be conscientious of high-contact surfaces when working on their fitness and properly clean their hands before and after a sweat session.


Besides wiping down equipment before and after use, take a disinfectant wipe to open the door as you enter and leave the gym.

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